What is a RTT proces


Discovery call: a free call to learn more about how RTT can help you

The Session: through Skyper or Zoom we will work on your issues. With the help of hypnosis we discover what are the limiting beliefs, patterns and emotions that are stored in your subconscious on this. It will become clear what is holding you back, how you can change that and we install new supporting beliefs that will give you more freedom. You also get a personalized audio. You wil listed to this audio for 21 days, a important part of the healing process.

Follow-up: After 28 days we will have  a short session to review what happened in these 28 days. During this period I will be in contact through email or whatsapp ( after 2, 7 and 14 days).

Price: the whole process, including the free Discovery call will take 28 days and costs 395 euro*


- the actual session will take about 90-120 min.

- for most subjects only one session is sufficient

- for students a different price is applicable


* my aim is to serve, please contact me if you have money issues