Anna, Zweden

I had an online session with Maaike and it truly was a great experience. She has a very calming and reassuring way about her that made me feel completely safe and able to relax in a way I normally don't with new people. Maaike is very intuitive and guided me towards memories that has been long forgotten. It was very moving and powerful and I got to understand the root of my problem. With her help I could look at these childhood memories and situations from a grown up perspektive thus realising they do not have to limit me anymore. It was very empowering. I have listened to the recording she made in the session and it is really tailored to my needs and I have kept listening to it longer that needed as it boosts me in so many ways. The session has helped me move forward with things in my career I have been too scared to try before and I have sensed a new feeling of freedom and creativity. I would highly recommend Maaike, she is so professional and full of empathy.



Andreja, Slovenia

Having a therapy with Maaike was lifechanging for me. I wanted to resolve my fear for the future and feeling of being unhappy. Immediately after the session the weight that I was carrying around just fell off from me. I am so grateful to Maaike that through our amazing session she skillfully encouraged my self - confidence to grow as she came to the root cause of my issue. After the therapy I started to trust myself and believe that I am enough. I am happy. She is great Therapist and I recommend her to anyone who wants to transform his life and believes for the better in a short time.