About me

As long as I can remember I have an interest in knowing why we do what we do. What interal program makes us do thing? Why does the same thing seems to come to one person with effortless ease and with all sort of problems for another? And how can I help myself with this and also do the same for others?

Because of this I have invested in my own personal development. My quest brought me to Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Preethaji (Oneness) and I have qualified as a NLP Master Practitioner.

During my RTT training in London by Marisa Peer herself, all the things I learned during my life connected. Here I found the instrument to help myself and fulfill a lifelong desire to be able to really help other people.

It fills me with so much gratitude to see someone become free of old beliefs, patterns and emotions and to experience freedom again. To fully realize that you are enough!

I am happily married, we currently live in France, we have two amazing grown-up sons and my life motto comes from gratitude and trust; “everything is always working out for me”.